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League Tournaments

The End of Session Tournaments are a fun way for teams to end a session. Currently SoccerPlex hosts End of Session Tournaments for all our adult leagues. Winning teams get a team photo with the SoccerPlex tournament trophy, season champ t-shirt and the title of Champions.

League Tournament Policy & Procedures

The first seven games of the session will determine your rankings in the end of session Championship. All teams will play in a “Best Match Up” game with teams #1 & #2 playing for the Championship title.

Every player must have checked in and played a minimum of 3 times in the session, for the players chosen team, to be eligible to play in the end of session of tournament. In the instance of injury or other special circumstances teams are allowed up to two replacement players. These replacement players must take the place of a player from the original roster.

Every player must be a current SoccerPlex member in good standing.

For players who during regular league games play on multiple teams the player must choose which team to play on during tournament play. No player may play on multiple teams during the tournament, nor move to another team if the chosen team is knocked out of the tournament.

Each tournament game will be 2 X 22 minute halves. At the end of regulation a tie breaker format will be determined by an overtime period of 2 minutes.  At the beginning of the overtime period, each team’s goalkeepers will be removed. The first team to score is the winner.  If no goal is scored within the 2 minutes then an additional 2 minutes will be added to the game and one player from each team will be removed.  This will continue every two minutes until a goal is scored.

Based on the standings after the last league game of the session, will determine the game time and which teams will play for title of Champion.

Typical end of session game schedule will look like this:
5:50pm Team 14 vs Team 13
6:40pm Team 10 vs Team 9
7:30pm Championship Game ~ Team 1 vs Team 2
8:20pm Team 4 vs Team 3
9:10pm Team 6 vs Team 5
10:00pm Team 9 vs Team 8
10:50pm Team 12 vs team 11

Every other session we will alternate the 5:50pm and 10:50pm games. This is just an outline. SoccerPlex will determine final schedule after the 7th game of the session.