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Frequently Asked Questions

Our program: SoccerPlex SportsCenter investigated many different methods to teach to swimming and discovered the Swim University program. This unique curriculum allows our instructors to “slow down” and really get children excited about the water and learning to swim. Each child is different and learns at a different pace. By using this approach, you and your child will see a quicker mastering of swimming skills and progression.

What are the Power Swimmer floatation vests and why should we use them?

The Power Swimmer vests are a great tool to learning to swim. They allow the child to learn the proper mechanics of swimming skills, practice the skill correctly and more exciting is they help relax the child which builds their confidence in the water. The vests are not life jackets. The Power Swimmer vest have removable floatation “packets” that the instructor removes as the child progresses in the lesson until eventually the vest is taken off and the child is doing the skill on their own.

What is the difference between private, semi-private & group lessons? Which should I choose?

SoccerPlex SportsCenter offers many group lessons. We choose this platform for three main reasons: Kids love to be around other kids. Having friends around makes you happy and keeps the lesson fun.
Kids also believe if their friend can do something then they can also. This pushes them to do their best.
Group lessons are also the easiest on your pocket book.

Semi-private lessons are limited to two students, less students provides more practice time and still includes the FUN of having friends. Semi-private lessons do cost a bit more but parents see swim skills progress even faster. This is also a great option for parents with two children close in age. The Swim University curriculum builds on each level and is easily incorporated for two different swimmers.

Private lessons miss some of the FUN part of learning to swim and also the peer interaction which encourages children to try new and more demanding skills. We do offer private lessons but recommend doing a combination of private then semi-private or group lessons. One idea is to do one session of private then one session in the group type setting.

My child has tried swim lessons before and is afraid of the water. Can Kids Swim! help?

Our instructors are trained in helping children overcome the fear of water. One thing to consider with toddlers however much of the fear might actually be stranger anxiety. By “slowing down” and allowing the child the time he or she needs to get comfortable with the instructor, environment and the water will greatly increase their confidence.

How do I know when my child is ready to move up to the next level?

The great thing about our swim program is the curriculum continually grows with your child. There is no need to change class time or days to “move up” a level. With so many of our families keeping the same day and time of their lessons we actually change the class level according to the kids.

Additionally, our coaches complete monthly progress reports so the kids and parents know what skills have been improving and what areas they will be focusing on.