Mini field construction update

The summer session is underway and as you may have noticed there are a few changes afoot at SoccerPlex. Construction began with an eye to expand the mini field which will increase the amount of activities we can hold in that field including an introduction of new leagues.

Where’s the office?

The sturdy offices of yore which had seen several changes over the past two years are officially no more. They were demolished to make roomto expand the width of field. Now our players can check in our new kiosk which is sharing space with our sports bar, Kickin’ It. In addition to getting the beverages and snack you love at Kickin’ It players can  now also get your player card, buy gear, and pay your team fee all in one convenient space.

New look bathroom

One of the objectives setting out this summer was to respond to our player’s desire to improve the restrooms. Looking at the options we decided in addition to adding a new coat of paint to install new flooring which is non-slip and cleans up really nice.

Closing in on the finish line

Our goal, bar none, is to ensure that this is the best facility to play indoor soccer in the Portland metro area. We want this to be a second home where you will be able to be on the field as much as you possibly could want. This week the turf will be laid down and the field will begin to take it’s final form. During August we will begin a feedback period where you’ll get a chance to play on it and decide what the future holds for SoccerPlex’s newest field.




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